Niagara Mediation has supported many community members toward amicable resolution with their neighbours. Private individuals, Co-op’s, homeowner associations, landlord/tenant concerns, and others have worked with us through their concerns.

Neighbour disputes can cause immense stress for you, your family, and on your relationships with your neighbours as well as others in the community. Compared to a commercial or workplace dispute where you can leave the dispute at work and go home and forget about it until the next day, this option does not exist if at home. Like it or not you are going to have to live next door to your neighbours (temporarily or indefinitely), and there is no getting away from the issue(s), leaving people to feel trapped and helpless.

Mediation is an easier way to solve conflicts within your neighbour as it is a timely and cost- efficient path toward a solution that works for both of you. It works particularly well in situations where the parties have an ongoing relationship that will exist after the dispute as you will be able to share your concerns in a reasonable manner which allows them to understand your needs. As the parties ultimately are driving the process with autonomy to make their own decisions, they are engaged in the process and are invested in upholding the outcome.

Niagara Mediation - Neighbour Disputes

Mediator is retained

By-law or other relevant documents to be reviewed by Mediator

Intake meeting with each party

Mediation (all parties)

Minutes of Settlement and (if appropriate) report to Board of Directors or similar body are produced